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Go Out and Discover the 4 Types of Arthropods:


Insects have 6 walking legs and 3 body parts. Some examples include: Fly, Cricket, Mosquito, Bee, Butterfly & Beetles


Arachnids have 8 walking legs and 2 body parts. Some examples include: Horseshoe, crabs, Ticks, Mites & Scorpions


Myriapods Crustaceans are Land crustaceans, some can have over 200 pairs walking legs! Some examples include: Centipedes & Millipedes


Crustaceans are aquatic, have 2 or 3 main body parts and have 8-10 walking legs. Some examples include: Crayfish, Shrimp , Lobster & Regular Crabs

When teaching Bug Safari, I always encourage families to explore their backyards with a sense of curiosity. …

I bought a container of four hornworms. Best known as tomato plant eaters. Instead of four, Surprised …