Collaboration with Food Forest Walk

December 18, 2023

Join the walk with land steward, Karen Luzius on the second half of her guided tour of Festival Beach Food Forest…In conclusion, enjoy a poem by Marcia Beckford. Walk this way!

Festival Beach Food Forest

There’s give and take at

Festival Beach Food Forest.

A body with heart.

To nourish and fellowship.

View the canopies.

see the sun, sky, clouds,and stars.

Walk through arteries,

awaken the senses.

A sustainable

ecosystem teems with

Edible plants, herbs,

stems, roots, flowers, vegetables.

A gathering place

where animal and plant life,

microbes live, thrive, die.

Coexist and interact.

Designed to mimic

other natural forests.

Water, land, people,

sky needs meet. Do volunteer!

Listen to full ‘Food Forest Walk  Podcast below

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